About Us

Juggle For Change uses soccer as a tool to develop 
character and promote community service.
A world where the Golden Rule serves as a guiding 
light for all of those who are influenced by the power of 
What We do:
Juggle For Change is a nonprofit organization that uses 
soccer as a tool to develop character, promote community 
service and change the world. Our Juggle For Change flagship program is a 
fundraiser where individuals, teams and clubs 
come together to raise money and awareness for causes they 
are passionate about. Through service, mentoring, training 
modules, camps and clinics we seek to mold generations of 
kids who are not only successful in their own lives, but who strive to make 
a positive impact in their communities.
How we do it:
Juggle For Changers clean up neighborhoods, read to the 
elderly and hold used soccer gear drives; they volunteer at 
food banks, soup kitchens and hospitals; they promote 
awareness for noble and global causes; they raise money for 
disaster relief and to dig wells and to build schools; they 
help thosewho cannot help themselves. They make a positive 
change whenever they can and wherever they go.